Okayy, so first off hi guyss (:
I am finally back in florida, have been since the 9th.
Though i know i made multiple plans with some of you, i had no idea my mom was going to leave to venezuela and leave me at Romaylee’s house.
Even though i am @ Romy’s i will be leaving to Adri’s the 19th.

The 18th is the JONAS BROTHERS CONCERT and i cant freaking waitttttt :D<3!@#~
after the concert me and romy are going to stay in a motel in tampa and come back the next dayy.

The 20th is open house, in which i will be attending with my best friend Adri<3
I hope to see a couple of people there :)

then hopefully i can go to the beach next weekend with Adri, Samantha, Ivan and nicoo :)
so thats pretty much it…
ohohoh and i cant wait till school starts, im like super excited for a whole new year :)))

no life much?

I’ve been up talking to Romy and been on the computer this whole night. Im so bored that Ive been playing a JONAS online game for like the past 2 hours…how fucking sad xD lol. But what ever, its pretty fun you should try it :



OH OH OH! btw the “creature” i mentioned earlier wont pick up his phone. So basically there is no event that Romy and I will be remembering two summers from now and ending up calling him like we did today :/

Well too bad :) at least I dont have to listen to his HIGH ass self :)

happy now (:?

So, Romaylee and I have decided to open this thing today and we have absolutely no clue how to work it :P. She wants to call an oh so called “friend” because she wants to remind him of this one time two summers ago that he caused Romaylee’s mom to fall of her bed xD, BUT i really dont want to…not even for 5 segundosss, simply because he gets on my fucking nerves :) So just in case you’re wondering, if we do end up calling the “creature” (if I may call him) tonight, I will probably fake being nice to him and then the last few seconds of the call will end with me saying “fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, FUCKKKK YOUUU!!!, BUH-BYEEEE :D…click.” And then Romaylee will probably laugh for like 2-3 minutes and so will I and then two summers from now we will look back on this and want to call him and remind him of the call that took place today lmao :) But w/e :) Romy and I will let you guys know what happened on this night later on, byeee :)

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